Get the best shape S-Shape for life
-It support to lose weight gained due to hormonal imbalance
-Loose weight which is gained due to Hormonal changes,Post
Pregnancy,Junk Food,Lack of Exercise
-Supports in healthy fat loss.
-Reduces weight from timmy, thigh, hips
-Increase body metabolism.
-Helps in Acidity,constipation.
-Flush out the toxins from body and balances hormone.

Who can consume it.
-Lose wight in inches and kgs in a healthy way

-Reduce fat from overall body.
-Maintains good cholesterol level
-Get the best S-Shape .
How to consume
- ½ Tea spoon powder or 1-2 tablet empty stomach before
-½ Tea spoon powder or 1-2 tablet tablets 30-45 minutes post
-Take for minimum 5 months to see the desired results
P.S.-Its necessary to follow healthy diet & exercise daily
to see the best & desired results.
Weigth loss capsule-Higher composition